Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Rights and Proper Financial Management

IP rights add value to businesses, and when forming an IP company, proper due diligence is essential in the process of recognising and identifying all possible IP rights that exist.

Careful consideration of which would be the most suitable jurisdiction for the IP holding should be made. The jurisdiction selected needs to offer an extensive range of agreements for the avoidance of Double Taxation (DTT) so that IP rights can thereafter be exercised in a number of countries. In addition, due to the DTTs, it is also preferable that a favorable Withholding Tax (WHT), if any, is imposed on the royalty income that the IP Holding Company is entitled to receive. Furthermore, it is also advised that the country of tax residence of the IP holding company offers a beneficial tax regime.


Here at Eurofast, we recognise that tax complexity arises when companies are involved in international operations due to the multi-jurisdictional environment they function. Nevertheless, when proper structuring is in place, such international operations can prove to provide even greater flexibility as a result! And when it comes to IP activity, being eligible to be levied with such favorable tax rate.


Our services include:

  • Planning the structure of the scheme based on your specific needs.
  • Setting up IP company to optimise the benefits of the structure.
  • Transfer of an existing IP to company for the application of the IP box.
  • Advice on taxation.
  • IP related substance advice.
  • Ongoing support.