Corporate Services

corporate-servicesEurofast has many years of experience in providing corporate services and advising clients on the separate characteristics of each jurisdiction.

We perform all the formalities required by the legislation for incorporation of companies in all of the jurisdictions in which we maintain offices, as well as in UK, UAE, BVI, Belize, Seychelles and many other jurisdictions. We can assist the clients in a worldwide basis for the incorporation of companies.

Eurofast can also provide advice and assist you on corporate structuring and requirements of the legal system (directorship, share capital required, timeframes and any other relevant conditions).

Moreover, we can also offer on an annual basis the following:

• Nominee directorship.
• Nominee shareholders.
• Secretarial services.
• Domiciliary services.
• Corporate compliance services.
• Management and Administration, including but not limited to preparation of resolutions, review of agreement, preparation of invoices etc.
• Bank signatory.

The incorporation of a company through our offices, can be accompanied with opening of bank accounts in jurisdictions where we operate, as well as in EU and non - EU jurisdictions.