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Eurofast Romania offers a range of professional services in conjuction with associates including accounting, payroll, mergers and acquisitions. Our team is led by experienced local professionals serving local businesses, multinational companies and high net worth individual.With over 19 million people (according to preliminary data from 2011 census), Romania is considered one of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Coupled with its strategic-geographic location, highly skilled, low cost labor force, rich natural resources, and highly developed high-tech mobile telecommunications networks, Romania offers great advantages to investors. Its harmonized legal infrastructure with EU legislations as well as extensive network of bilateral agreements that it has concluded with other countries, Romania serves as a gateway to the EU Market.
Romania has a surface area of 238,391 square kilometers and is the largest country in south-eastern Europe. Bordering Romania are Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Black Sea. The Danube River forms the large part of Romania's border with Serbia and Bulgaria, and it flows into the Black Sea within Romania's territory forming the second largest and best preserved Delta in Europe.
Romania has extensive experience in the management of trade changes, in the field of taxation, as well as financial, banking, and the labour market as a result of continuous economic restructuring and the transition period.

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meet the team

Roxana Niculai
Accounting supervisor, BA, MA
Roxana is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting process for her portfolio of clients and her team of junior accountants. Roxana has extensive experience in international companies, ranging from management and consulting companies, public relations and communication and debt collectors. Since 2011, Roxana is a member of the Romanian Body of Expert and Chartered Accountants pursuing her Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification. She is a holder of a License Degree of Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, major in Accounting and is experienced in IFRS reporting as well. Roxana is fluent in English.