Who we are

Who we are

Eurofast is a regional business advisory organisation employing local advisors in over 21 cities in South East Europe & Middle East (SEEME). The Organisation is uniquely positioned as one stop shop for investors and companies looking professional services in South East Europe & Middle East.

Eurofast operates from fully fledged offices in Alexandria Athens , Banja Luka, Beirut, Belgrade, Bucharest, Cairo, Erbil, Kiev , Ljubljana, Moscow, Nicosia,  Podgorica,  Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje,  Sofia, Tbilisi, Tehran, Thessaloniki, Tirana and   Zagreb.

Our team of advisors are capable of efficiently addressing all client needs in one single meeting, using one single language for all the countries in the Region. All of our offices are interconnected via state of the art technology and computer systems. Telephony and video conferencing facilities are in addition centralised; server and intranet system ensure that otherwise remote locations adhere to even the smallest detail in our client service and philosophy; thus, making us truly local experts with global knowledge.


The Organisations roots go back to 1978 where the founder, the late Costas Damianou (1937 – 2018) incorporated the company as a small accounting agency operating in Cyprus under the name Damianou & Partners.

Over the years the Organisation experienced several organisational changes. We were the first accounting firm in Cyprus with it’s own website back in 1978. Soon after we joined BKR International, one of the top 10 global accounting associations, and the company was renamed BKR Damianou & Co.  From 1987 and onwards, we incorporated our first offices abroad, starting from Sofia, Belgrade, Podgorica, Athens, Tirana, Skopje, Pristina, Banja Luka, Kiev, Tbilisi, Zagreb, airo, Sarajevo, Tehran, Bucharest, Erbil, Alexandria, Mocow, Beirut and in 2018, Ljubljana.

In 2002 Eurofast assumed the tax and consulting divisions of BKR Damianou and via a spin-off became fully independent from the audit firm.

On 2007, BKR Damianou & Co was renamed Euroglobal SEE Audit Ltd.

Today it is operating fully fledged offices in 22 cities in South East Europe and Middle East. One of the most important change has been implemented on July 1st, 2018, where Euroglobal SEE Audit has become part of Eurofast.  Eurofast remains committed to servicing our clients and associates under the umbrella of the brand name Eurofast.

Why Eurofast?

We have over 40 years of history, working with many global brands and leading Institutions, operating in the manufacturing, retail, airlines and professional services sector. Our clients are the vivid evidence that Eurofast is your trusted business advisor in the Region.

Our competitive advantage stems from our ability to serve our clients promptly, efficiently and effectively. Every Eurofast office consists of teams ranging from 15-60 professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience including tax, legal, M&A, payroll, accounting, audit and consulting. We recruit professionals from various industries including from law firms, financial services, listed companies and the public sector which enables us to offer our clients leading-edge solutions.

Eurofast offers a range of professional services including   Transfer Pricing & International Tax, Payroll & Employment Solutions, Citizenship & Residency Services, Audit & Assurance Services Accounting & Tax Compliance, M&A and Corporate Finance as well as Corporate & Trustee Services.

In Cyprus, Eurofast Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Cyprus (ICPAC) to provide accounting, audit and administrative services.

How we do it

We seek to delight our clients, by being proactive. Our aim is to create client enthusiasm by giving even more value to our clients, whether measured by price, performance, quality or service.

Our success is attributed to our Eurofast “dream team” which consists of local advisors from various disciplines including and lawyers, accountants and tax consultants whose dedication, support towards our clients, loyalty, commitment to excellence, knowledge and experience represent our invaluable competitive advantage.

Eurofast has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades that mark it’s advantage from globally-based competitors. Thanks to our “dream team” Eurofast has been acknowledged as a leader in Tax, has been ranked as top Tax Advisors by  International Tax Review  and has also been recognised for their work in Transfer pricing, Payroll & employment services as well as M&A.

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