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On 25.03.2020, the Order regarding CES (Certificate of Emergency Situations) – essential in obtaining the facilities and support measures or in commercial relations – was issued in the Official Monitor, in which the types of CES and the necessary documents are presented.

CES are issued to applicants in 2 forms:

  • CES Type 1 – (Annex 1) – for applicants who request its granting, based on the declaration of total or partial interruption of the activity during the decreed state of emergency;
  • CES Type 2– (Annex 2) – for applicants requesting its granting based on the declaration of a decrease of incomes in March 2020 by at least 25% compared to the average of the income for the period January-February 2020.

Applications for CES are only submitted electronically. In order to be issued these certificates, applicants should upload the following documents on the platform:
• identification data
• declaration of the legal representative (either signed with an electronic signature or by signing a holograph)

The issuance of the CES will be done automatically, electronically, after the system validates the request.

Worth noting is also the following:

  • CESs are valid without signature and stamp and their verification can be done through the same platform by series and number;
  • In the event of identifying any suspicions regarding obtaining the CES with the non-observance of the legal provisions or by not certifying the real situation of fact and law, the competent bodies are notified in order to establish the measures;
  • Within 5 days from the publication in the Official Monitor of this order, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment will ensure the adaptation and functioning of the platform.

Stefania Costea,
Eurofast Romania