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Ukraine/November 2015 On 16 October 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 977-R, which amends the list of low-tax jurisdictions for transfer pricing purposes. As a reminder, the term “low tax jurisdiction” for transfer pricing purposes refers to a state or territory with a corporate tax rate at least 5 percentage points lower than Ukraine’s general corporate rate of 18 percent.  With the newly adopted resolution, the following countries have been removed from the list of low –tax jurisdictions: –     Georgia –     Guadeloupe –     Jamaica –     Lebanon –     Luxembourg –     Malta –     Morocco –     Singapore –     Switzerland –     United Arab Emirates After the removal of the above states, the list of low-tax jurisdictions for transfer pricing purposes includes 65 countries. As a result of the removal of the above jurisdictions from the low-tax list, operations with companies registered in any of these states will no longer be considered as regulated operations for transfer pricing control purposes. These amendments are substantial for the Ukrainian business sector and will improve the cooperation with many popular jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Luxemburg, UAE and Singapore. Nadiya Omelchuk T. +380445021068+380445021068 E.